Take Advantage of the Spring Market With These 3 Secrets


These three tips will help you make the most of what spring offers. 

How do I effectively sell going into a spring market if I don't want to put my house up on MLS and have only a few people show up? If you want to leverage everything a spring market offers, meaning getting max dollar as quickly as possible, there are three things to keep in mind:

  1. No competition. When you don't have any competition, there are no other listings. You have nobody competing with you, and your buyers are not split between two homes. Leveraging this is super important.

  2. Have the right agent. If there are other listings available, you should have an agent that knows how to skillfully position your home to be the number one obvious choice in your area.

  3. Using specific things within your home that people will pay more for. If you can show the strengths or the defining qualities of your home, people pay more for it. You can highlight it through six-star photography and effective marketing campaigns to create an awesome showing experience and a better showing-per-offer ratio. This will ultimately sell your home faster and for more money.

If you need someone that knows how to do this, that has access to six-star photography, knows how to navigate competition in a listing environment, and you want somebody that you can count on to go to bat for you and your home, call or email me. I'm happy to help in any way.


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